Do you want to be able to sleep straight through the night?

Imagine sleeping solidly and deeply all night long - without medication 

sleep naturally

How to sleep soundly and deeply all night, without complicated rituals, fear of running out of your gold plated oils, or taking addictive medications.....

Even if you've had insomnia for years

Want to stop tossing, turning and laying awake at night?

Squirming and sweating until the sheets tie you up in knots?
Jealous your partner is snoring all night beside you?
Brain on overdrive in the middle of the night?   Will it just not shut up already?
Foggy headed all day? Worried about screwing up at work?

Have you tried 'all the things' - and they just don't work?
Want to sleep better but not sure how?

I have been where you are.  
I get it and 
I've got you.

What if you could...

  • Reduce the number of times you wake in the night - and fall asleep fast when you do
  • Reduce reliance on medications and expensive supplements
  • Eliminate anxiety about sleep that interrupts your day
  • Fully understand what is creating your sleep problem - And know exactly how to fix it

If you could, you would, right?

But if you've been stuck thinking it's all about the pills...if you only just got the right one or the right combination....

Or thinking CBT would work...but it didn't address sleep directly...

Or that you couldn't afford a 'proper' sleep specialist to guide you...

Then I'm here to tell you - you snap out of this trap.
And I can help you.


Fall asleep faster - even if you wakein the night
Stop worrying about sleeping issues all day
Ditch the pricey supplements that never really worked anyway
Feel rested, energetic and ready to smash your day

If you're ready to sound like this:

"Hey let's get up early and hit the park with the kids!"
"Another pint? Yes it's late but sure - why not!?"
"Early meeting with the Singapore team? I'm looking forward to it!"


The Sleep Recovery Course

A powerful and proven six week self directed programme for adults with insomnia

Learn exactly how to reconnect to your natural ability to sleep deeply and soundly, so you wake refreshed and energised

With an integrated mindfulness skills training to transform your mindset from being your worst enemy to being your best sleep asset

The course is run by qualified sleep therapist, Tracy Hannigan, and is based on cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia - the first line approach recommended for the treatment of chronic insomnia by all leading medical and sleep associations.

"You do amazing work!! I thought I would go crazy and never sleep again. I have found joy and laughter in my life again. If you ever visit Las Vegas, let me take you to lunch. You are my hero."

Keith Juson, Course Participant

With this course you will 

Eliminate the confusion around sleep - discover how your sleep systems work and remove the mystery

Make the right changes to your sleep environment for you - without following a generic set of rules

Start tackling sleep related anxieties and worries - so you are calmer in the daytime and at night

Reduce your reliance on pricey supplements and gadgets

Begin to transform your sleep quality and depth - so you can feel increasingly alert and alive during the day

Increase how much you sleep each night as you move forward in your sleep journey 

Get to sleep faster even if you get woken up

Know exactly what to do if your sleep is disrupted by life events in the future

Be on your way to sleeping better for life

Inside the course you'll find six weeks of videos, workbooks and guided activities to lead you into a life of better sleep through sleep skills and mindfulness skills training

Inside The Course

Sleep 101

A section of three modules, you'll learn all about what influences sleep and get started on practicing the power of mindfulness work. Set a foundation of skills for the rest of the course.

Physical Environment

Geet a deeper understanding of how your physical sleeping space affects sleep directly - and what changes to make to your environment. There is no one size fits all and no strict rules.

Mental Environment

Conquer the mental and emotional factors play into YOUR specific sleeping issues. End the cycle of whirlwind thinking and panic about sleep and replace fear with rational calm thinking.

Deepening Sleep

Use your new wisdom to implement an important sleep improvement strategy - and tailor it to your specific sleeping situation. Nothing is 'cookie cutter' - I explain how to tailor it all!

Solidifying Sleep

Dive deep into a powerful approach based strongly on evidence. By now you'll know which approaches to use and continue to put them into place to improve how long you sleep.

Future Proofing Sleep

Understand exactly how to deal with normal natural future sleep blips, so they don't become out of hand and send you back down the slippery slope into insomnia.

"This course is so worthwhile. It gives power back to you to know you can overcome sleep problems. Helps you reframe unhelpful thoughts that get in your own way. The course shows you life skills not only for use with sleep problems."

2021 Course Participant

You also get these two amazing bonuses

Tapering Medication Safely

Dr Nishi Bhopal is a triple board certified sleep specialist, psychiatrist and integrative medicine specialist. In this bonus module, Nishi talks about the risks of sleep medication, principles of tapering safely, how to support yourself nutritionally while you taper and provides some amazing resources for helping you have this important discussion with your doctor.

Self Compassion for Sleep

Elyssa Smith is a trauma informed time strategist and coach who helps people with anxiety using compassion, boundaries and self acceptance. Elyssa shows you how to temper your 'survival brain' and reduce anxiety and sleep harming arousal with practical techniques applying acceptance and self compassion. Don't miss this!

get started today

Start transforming your sleep TODAY

Get access to this course with the click of a button. Each week you'll get a new online lesson to work through complete with videos, audios and worksheets to help you put into place the skills you need to completely transform your sleep from sketchy to solid.

This course is absolutely for you if...

  • You feel frustrated - you've 'tried it all' and wasted a lot of money and time
  • You want qualified guidance - not just advice from the teenager at the healthfood shop
  • You are ready to commit to real change in your sleep - you just need to know what to do
  • You want to support healthy sleep for life
  • You are medically and psychologically stable and well and have no other sleep disorders

You may want to keep looking if...

  • You are happy with your sleep the way it is - so many people wish they were
  • You are happy to rely on medication for 'sleep' indefinitely
  • You enjoy trying lots of different things, even if they don't really work and have no evidence
  • You aren't willing to do the work - even if you know it will get you the result you want
  • You are not medically or psychologically well or have another sleep disorder 

What Sleep Recovery Course Graduates Say

I found the course helpful. It helped me realise that sleep issues can be reversed. Clear explanations were always given. From feeling afraid I gained confidence in my sleep ability.

Janice, Participant 2020

Thank you Tracy. Your guidance and advice are invaluable. And CBTi works!! I can’t tell you how much benefit this has been to me. Thank you for your help. It’s been life-changing.

Lisa, Participant 2020

I'm Tracy

I'm a qualified sleep therapist with a degree in psychology and specialised training in sleep. I have helped people with their sleep in a lot of contexts, including in my clinical practice as an osteopath in the UK and now doing consultations through ZOOM.

 I don't just have book knowledge though.

I also had insomnia for many years - the crusty eyes, zombie-headedness, fatigue.

CBTi  helped me get back to the solid sleep that I still get years later. I now sleep solidly all night, and wake up excited for my day.  I no longer think about my own sleep at all and and when stress gets to me and affects my sleep, I know exactly what to do. I don't get plagued by fear my insomnia will return.  

I've been insomnia free for over 10 years and I look forward to helping you get back to sleeping well too!  

Tracy Hannigan, BA(PSych), MOstMed, CBTi, ACT and Mindfulness Trained

Want to stop having insomnia without medication?

Stop wasting your time - the years of time perhaps - and the thousands of pounds you've been spending on gadgets, devices, supplements and tedious regimens. 

You ask great questions!

The Course is based on CBTI (cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia),which is the number one recommended approach to treating chronic insomnia according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the American College of Physicians, the European Guidelines for Treatment of Chronic Insomnia, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (UK), the National Institutes of Health, the British Sleep Society, the British Medical Association, the Australian Medical Association.... You get the picture ;)  Research supports online delivery as being effective for those who cannot access one to one coaching with a qualified therapist.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia is a set of behavioural sleep medicine approaches used for chronic insomnia. It is not the same as the CBT you would get for anxiety, depression, or chronic pain - it is specific to sleep - and it works for over 85% of people for whom it is suited.  Even those on medication for decades.

If you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep because of insomnia, this course can help you. This course is not appropriate for you if you have another sleeping disorder or uncontrolled medical or psychiatric condition. If you aren't sure, ask your doctor.

The course is specifically designed for people who are NOT doing shiftwork but it CAN help improve time to fall asleep and ability to stay asleep even if you have an 'advance phase' or 'delayed phase' sleeping rhythm. It won't help you shift your rhythm as that's beyond the scope of the course but it will help with any insomnia that is a part of your sleeping issues.  (Embrace your rhythm and sleep better!)

Being woken up from the outside can be frustrating and the course can't prevent that from happening but you can deepen sleep so you may not wake up as easily as before You can learn to tackle the 'worries about not falling back to sleep' so those don't contribute to staying awake after waking up.

The course itself is self-directed and lessons released weekly for you to work through. It works this way because the skills take time to build upon one another - racing through the videos and worksheets won't get you to your goal faster.  You will get an email each 7 days reminding you to log in and start the next lessons so you don't forget!  You get unlimited access to the course once the modules are all released to you.

It really isn't. For the price of a nice dinner out in London - or an average meal for four in the Shires - you get six weeks of professionally guided sleep skills learning - and a LIFETIME of benefit.  And - what is the cost of staying exactly where you are, with poor sleep, full of anxiousness, and spending money on things that aren't working (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!)

You can take as long as you need but I'd suggest budgeting an hour or two per week.  With a course like this you'll be putting your learning to practice as you go and as some of it is mental/mindset work it is impossible to accurately quantify! 

Start Sleeping Better Today - Enroll Now

Starting today you can have.....

Six Weeks of Sleep Training
Six Weeks of Mindfulness Skills Training
Nishi's Medication Tapering Bonus Video
Elyssa's Self Compassion Bonus Video


Are you ready to leave nights of tossing and turning behind?