The Sleep Recovery Course Is Now Closed for Enrolment

Fed up with not sleeping well?  Literally tired of insomnia? 

You can learn to reconnect with your natural ability to sleep - for life.
Join the Sleep Recovery Course

Stressing, tossing and turning?
Not sure how to stop it?

Whirring brain in the middle of the night?  
Can't slow it down?

Foggy headed all day?
Not sure how to end it?

Want to sleep better but not sure how to achieve that?

 I have been where you are and I am trained to help.

I've got you.

✔️ Get your sharp wit, patience, and energy back!
✔️ Feel keen, sharp and productive  

✔️ Wake feeling rested, satisfied, and ready to smash your day!

I can show you how to get better sleep!


Fall asleep faster - without medication
Sleep more deeply
Reduce nighttime wake ups
Get back to sleep faster
Feel more energised during the day

"You do amazing work!! I thought I would go crazy and never sleep again. I have found joy and laughter in my life again. If you ever visit Las Vegas, let me take you to lunch. You are my hero."

- Keith Juson, Sleep Recovery Course 2020

What is the Sleep Recovery Course?

The Sleep Recovery Course is a self guided six week course that gives you the knowledge and skills to sleep better for life.

The course is run by a qualified sleep therapist, Tracy Hannigan, and is based on cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia - the first line approach recommended for the treatment of chronic insomnia by all leading medical and sleep associations.

So what do you get in the sleep recovery course?

Sorting your sleep

Six weeks of video and self guided activities show you how to reconnect to your sleep ability and restore your sleep naturally!

Learn what changes to make to your physical and mental environment, adjust your mindset around sleep, deal with sleep anxiety and change unhelpful sleep behaviours to healthy ones using evidence based techniques.

Sorting your mindset

Six weeks of mindfulness training to help you reframe the thought habits that feed into  your sleeping troubles. Self guided using PDFS and audio activities, you learn how to view things differently which has a side effect of lowering sleep-inhibiting arousal.

Mindfulness is proven to improve sleep and reduce feelings of anxiety.

Private Community with Tracy

You will get regular support from me throughout the course in our own private and distraction free members area.

NO question will go unanswered! No online course at this price has this opportunity!

And you ALSO get...

A LIVE group session led by Tracy at the end of the course - listen in or ask questions as we troubleshoot any issues you are having in implementing the strategies.
This was one of the highlights of the last course!  Everyone loved it!

SIGN UP NOW and get these epic bonuses

These bonuses are ONLY for people who sign up during the Early Bird Period Until 28 July at 9PM UK Time

access to my key PDFS

Get access to some of the best PDFS I usually only offer my 1-1 clients on topics like:

supplements for anxiety
avoiding health scams
diet and sleep 

and more!

(Worth £50)

exclusive discount codes

Access my exclusive discount codes for The Natural Dispensary

Get a code for 25% off a private one to one call with me - worth 1/3 the cost of the course alone!

(Worth £47 minimum)

Extra Mindfulness PDFS

My favourite 15 Mindfulness practice workbooks that help reduce sleep anxiety by providing mental balance and clarity

(Worth £50)


Nishi Bhopal MD

Triple Certified:Psychiatry, Sleep Medicine, Holistic Medicine

Dr Nishi Bhopal MD explains how to taper off sleeping medication and safely and naturally
support yourself while you do using CBTI and supplementations

Elyssa Smith

Self Love Coach and Founder of The Stress Less Lounge

Elyssa shows you how to temper your 'survival brain' and reduce anxiety and sleep harming arousal with practical techniques applying acceptance and self compassion.


This same course will NOT be offered again in this format!


Listen to what people said last year...

Thank you Tracy. Your guidance and advice are invaluable. And CBTi works!! I can’t tell you how much benefit this has been to me. Thank you for your help. It’s been life-changing.
I feel the strategies of the course have helped to give me a more relaxed approach to the problem as my sleep quality has increased significantly.  Tracy's quick response to queries is very helpful.
I found the course helpful as I felt supported all the way through. My questions were answered. It helped me realise that sleep issues can be reversed. Clear explanations were always given. From feeling afraid I gained confidence in my sleep ability.

Who is Tracy?

I'm a qualified sleep therapist - not just some two day course either. I've also got a degree in psychology and specialised training in sleep.

I also had insomnia for many years - the crusty eyes, zombie-headedness, fatigue, and withdrawing from my world. I've been there.
CBTi stopped the spinning. It taught me what I needed to stop the anxiety. It helped me get sleepy again, and to sleep soundly. It built my sleeping confidence enough to get off sleeping pills. It helped me get back to the solid sleep that I still get years later.

I look forward to helping you get back to sleeping well too!

BA Psychology (Psi Chi Honours) 
Masters Osteopathic Medicine 
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia 
ACE Certified Health Coach and Certified Behaviour Change Specialist 
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Trained

The Sleep Recovery Course Is For You If

You feel frustrated - you've 'tried everything'!
You want qualified help - not another scam
You are ready to commit - you just need to know exactly what to do
You want to learn skills to support healthy sleep for your entire life
You are medically and psychologically stable and have no other sleeping disorder

The Sleep Recovery Course Is Not For You If

You are happy with your sleep the way it is - awesome!
You are happy to rely on medications to get 'sleep' for the rest of your life
You enjoy trying lots of different things, even if they don't really work
You aren't willing to do the work, even if you know it will get you the result
You have another sleep disorder or are not medically or psychologically stable

Tracy is genuine in her efforts to help people with their sleeplessness. Not only is she knowledgeable and helpful, she can relate to what you are going through because she's gone through it herself. I think she is so kind and the advice she gives is doable if you put in the work.
Stacey Noonan

from Facebook Reviews

You do amazing work!! I thought I would go crazy and never sleep again. I have found joy and laughter in my life again. If you ever visit Las Vegas, let me take you to lunch. You are my hero.
Keith J

Sleep Recovery Course October 2020

Are you ready to put an end to your sleeping struggles?

On 28th of July the price will rise to £147

On 30th July the course enrollment will close so I can focus all of my attention on supporting the students.

 FOR £97

00 Days

You ask great questions!

The Course is based on CBTI, which is the number one recommended approach to treating chronic insomnia according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the American College of Physicians, the European Guidelines for Treatment of Chronic Insomnia, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (UK), the National Institutes of Health, the British Sleep Society, the British Medical Association, the Australian Medical Association.... You get the picture ;)

If you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep because of insomnia, this course can help you. This course is not appropriate for you if you have another sleeping disorder or uncontrolled medical or psychiatric condition. 

The course itself is self-directed and lessons released weekly for you to work through. It works this way because the skills take time to build upon one another - racing through the videos and worksheets won't get you to your goal faster.

You will get an email each 7 days reminding you to log in and start the next lessons.  

I will be checking in the community to help clarify any of the course content. There is one amazing Q and A for everyone at the end of the course that will be scheduled closer to the time.

You sign up and get in right away.
Do the course for six weeks, and use the community feature for support.
Week 7 - Live Q and A!
Week 10 - for those buying in the first 48 Hours - Implementation Q and A Support Session

You can of course take as long as you need - you have access to the course indefinitely. However, if you'd like to do the course in 6 weeks, I'd suggest 15 minutes a day for the mindfulness practice component, and approximately one hour per week to do the sleep learning and a couple minutes a day for the diaries. (Week three may take a bit more time). With a course like this, you'll be putting your learning into practice, and the time needed to reflect on the issues will vary - much of it is mental and impossible to quantify timewise.

You have access to the course as soon as you enroll and you have access indefinitely! As long as the course is hosted online someplace, you will have access to the lessons. If I change providers I'll notify all registrants so they know exactly how to get to their course materials.

You have access to me through the forum during the course.

I will manually give you access to the bonus materials at the end of the early bird period - you'll get a notification email!

There is no payment plan option.  Everyone on the last course (for the same fee) found it excellent value!